Saturday, 6 May 2017

Best Hindi Movies 2014-15 in Australia

There are tons of Hindi movies produced each year, either for big screen or broadcast across several Hindi TV channels. This article will take a look at fifteen of these movies from the highest ranked to the lowest and give very brief (spoiler-free) introductions about them. So whether you are looking for big screen or movies on Indian TV channels, read on and decide which ones you would like and which ones you would not.

1. PK: A stranger is known only by his initials, PK. He traverses the city, asking questions with innocence and curiosity. As he goes about his journey, he discovers love and laughter and letting-go.

2. Haider: When a young man's father disappears, he returns to Kashmir to confront his uncle, who just so happens to have played a part in the death of the man's father.

3. Queen: A girl from a traditional Delhi family is devastated after her marriage is cancelled, hence she sets out on her honeymoon all by herself.

4. Happy New Year: A bunch of rather ordinary people hatch up a plan to pull off a monumental diamond heist-the biggest ever-and somehow win the admiration of millions of other people.

5. Kick: Having walked away from a tumultuous romance, an adrenalin junkie gets into a life of crime, only to get caught in the crosshairs of a veteran police officer and a local gangster (with whom he gets embroiled in a turf war).

6. Jai Ho: A former officer of the army decides to propagate social responsibility among the ordinary citizens around him. However, he is stopped in his tracks when he come up against a rather powerful political family.

7. Bang Bang: A young receptionist in a bank crosses paths with Rajveer Nanda, the man with a strange and mysterious past.

8. Holiday: An officer in the military makes it his mission to hunt down and apprehend a terrorist, take down his terror group and kill off the sleeper cell that takes orders from this terrorist.

9. Highway: A woman is slated to be married soon. However, just before her wedding, she is abducted, and her kidnapper demands a ransom. But, as time goes on, Stockholm syndrome starts to creep in-her bond with her kidnapper strengthens.

10. The Villain: A man goes on a determined revenge mission when the woman he loves is murdered by a violent serial killer.

11. 2 States: This is a story about how a man met the woman of his dreams and how much trouble they had to get through (because of various cultural differences) before they could get married.

12. Hasee Toh Phasee: Ten years after they first met, Nikhil and Meeta are re-introduced to each other. Nikhil is given one week to prove himself worthy of marrying Karishma, who happens to be Meeta's sister. This creates a kind of spark between the two old acquaintances.

13. Mary Kom: This is the story of the life of Mary Kom, the Indian boxer who had to struggle massively before she could ever accomplish her life-long dream.

14. Mardaani: When a police officer searches for a missing teenage girl, he discovers an eerie child trafficking syndicate. It is now his mission to hunt down the ruthless mob boss that runs the syndicate.

15. Khoobsurat: A psychotherapist meets a young prince and falls for him. However, he is nothing like her and also happens to be engaged to marry someone else.

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